The best Glass nail files on the market!

The best Glass nail files on the market!


About Us

Swarovski Crystal


Our glass nail files come with or without Swarovski Crystals, if you love the BLING you will love these files!  

Our files are guaranteed NOT to wear out!  

Foot Spas too!


You will love the Glass nail files Foot Spa, it will remove calluses from your feet and elbows.  The perfect finish to your home manicure and pedicure.

It's great to file a pets nails as well!  

Get your pet their own Foot Spa!

Available in sets


We have several sets available!  We usually do them in matching colors, but if you prefer a mixture of colors, contact us and we'll see what we can do!

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Available Styles and Sets


we have many colors and designs

check out our store!


we have Swarovski crystals-bling!

For that special someone, YOU!


not only do you save money but you can have it all!

-and at a discount!  9piece, 6 piece sets!